Diamond Logic

 Diamond Logic® Electrical System

Advanced electronics for greater reliability, improved productivity and lower operating costs.


Whether you've got a single truck on the road or a whole fleet to manage, you need a partner to help keep an eye on the day-to-day. Our advanced Diamond Logic® electrical system brings the brainpower, flexibility and convenience of advanced electrical systems to your truck, making vehicles easier to build, maintain and use.


Featuring nearly 200 factory available body integration and driver efficiency features, plus the ability to further customize to address specific application needs, Diamond Logic's programmable system allows for automation of tasks and interlocks to protect the equipment from inadvertent damage due to operator error. While at the same time, its on-board diagnostics self-monitors all vehicle components to reduce downtime and keep you informed of your vehicle's status.



Improve driver productivity and safety:


  • Ergonomic cabin features allow easy access to driver to controls and instruments
  • Self-calibrating gauges with audible alarm and visible LED warning light for when they are reporting a value outside the norm.
  • Standard features include post trip inspections and exterior light checks, along with helpful measures like parking brake alerts and even load management awareness.


Simplify maintenance and troubleshooting:


  • On-board diagnostics monitor electrical modules and capture diagnostic faults
  • Allows for detailed diagnosis of the vehicle without any shop tools
  • Trouble codes are stored and displayed on the instrument panel's built-in LCD screen


For owners and operators alike, Diamond Logic® helps make the most of your trucks with greater reliability, improved productivity, and lower maintenance and repair costs.