If you've got a job to do, International DuraStar will help you get it done. In the world of medium-duty trucks, DuraStar is the one truck that has always delivered.


More Engine Options

DuraStar is available with the broadest portfolio of medium duty diesel engine options in the industry - including the Navistar N9, Cummins ISL9 and Cummins ISB6.7 in several HP and torque ranges. Each business is unique and your needs and preferences may vary from the rest. By choosing DuraStar you have a choice to select the brand, configuration and horsepower the powers your truck.

Efficient Operation

Durastar is strong enough to endure routes through busy neighborhoods, challenging alleys and unpredictable city streets. Flexible mounting options can accommodate all kinds of work applications from plows to dump trucks, vans and mixers. With added efficiency of its aerodynamic 3-piece hood, breakaway mirrors, one-piece standard grill and synchronized service intervals, your repair costs are lower and you are on the road longer.

Maximum Driver Comfort

The DuraStar is loaded with features to make the drivers life easier. Ergonomically designed interiors create a more comfortable work space, a well-balanced hood requires less than 16lbs of effort to raise, and easy to read instrument panels help improve driver safety. Additionally, the slip resistant cab steps and grab handles help drivers on-board safely, and its 82" wide cab and commercial grade HVAC make drivers feel right at home. To increase visibility, we engineered DuraStar with a panoramic swept back windshield to ensure that no part of the driver experience is overlooked.

Increase Productivity

Using DiamondLogic the engine, transmission, instrument panel and other vehicle components continually communicate with each other electronically. By monitoring critical vehicle functions and relaying information to the driver, this helps ensure safe and efficient vehicle operation. Pre-trip inspections are simple. Headlights even turn on with the wipes, and safety locks engage automatically.

Dependable and Robust 

With some of the industry's best trained technicians at over 800 dealer locations, and an extensive parts inventory, International has earned a reputation for unrivaled customer service. We believe we offer the most customer friendly suite of service solutions in the industry which allows you to count on us to get your trucks back on the road right when you need them.