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DriverFirst: Designed For Those Behind The Wheel


In many ways, the International HV Series was designed from the inside out based on our DriverFirst philosophy. After all, the care, comfort and safety of your drivers is what matters most. To ensure they hit the mark, International engineers used feedback from drivers and body companies during the planning and design process. 

This collaboration is the reason behind many of the new driver-centric features like controls and switches that can be easily operated while wearing gloves. Or the available pedestal mounted mirrors designed to reduce head-turn movement and increase visibility.

Of course, nothing contributes more to comfort than space, and the HV Series has one of the largest cabs in its class. It's these enhancements and much more that make the HV Series a true driver's truck. 


Command Central


Uptime doesn't just mean fully-operational. It means giving your drivers the tools they need to be more productive. The gauges, for example, received numerous tests and refinements to optimize their readability, usability and positioning- even the colours were changed to ensure that key information and alerts are precisely where they need to be and can be seen without confusion or distraction.


Fit to be Upfitted


The International HV Series provides the ideal foundation for an almost unlimited number of applications. This is the result of our extensive experience working directly with customers as well as our unsurpassed engineering capabilities. Ordering the specific foundation needed for your application upfront substantially reduces time and expense upfitting the vehicle post-production.

Outstanding Maneuverability


With an inside wheel cut of up to 50 degrees, the HV Series can easily navigate tight city streets or construction sites, saving driver time, reducing work-site collisions and boosting productivity.

Industry-Leading HVAC


The all-new HVAC system employs advanced heating and cooling technology to deliver outstanding comfort and visibility. During testing at a frigid 0°F, the MAX defrost feature cleared 100% of the windshield in under 30 minutes from start-up - quicker than any competitor measured.