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DriverFirst: Designed Around a Driver's Key Needs

Everything in the new International MV Series is designed to help the driver be morecomfortable, productive and safe. It's the result of listening to extensive feedback fromdrivers and body companies to design and build a truck that prioritizes all their needs - a philosophy we call DriverFirst.

This driver-centric approach starts with the roomy cab and then sweats all the details- including a powerful new HVAC system. Controls and switches are configured to beeasy to find, reach and operate, even when wearing gloves. Visibility has been enhanced,including door-mounted mirrors positioned to see more while turning your head lessto reduce fatigue. Even the air horn lanyard is placed exactly where drivers told us theyprefer it to be.


Fit to be Upfitted


The more specialized your needs, the more we deliver with an unmatched application expertise paired with virtually unlimited upfit capabilities. Your dealer can work directly with International engineers, allowing you to order the specific foundation needed for your application up-front - substantially reducing the time and expense of upfitting the vehicle postproduction.

Every MV Series truck starts with a huck-bolted frame and cross member system to deliver maximum vocational durability as well as a number of frame rail options. Air tanks, fuel tanks, battery boxes and exhaust systems can all be mounted in various positions to better align with your application. The MV Series is also available with a clean Cab-to-Axle (CA)configuration to minimize costly post-production modifications.

Safer. By Design.


The MV Series is built with safety as a top priority. It's the result of extensive studies into how drivers can stay safe and productive in a broad range of situations on the road or around a job site.

Safety often comes down to seeing potential hazards and successfully avoiding them. That's why the MV Series provides improved side windows and mirrors for enhanced visibility, plus outstanding maneuverability with an inside wheel cut of up to 50°. An industry-leading HVAC system with MAX defrost can clear 100% of the windshield in under 30 minutes at 0ºF. Plus there's traction control to help drivers maintain control during heavy braking and on slick roads.

Automatic Advantages


MV Series offers automatic, automated manual and manual transmission choices that pair perfectly with your application needs, whether you're renting trucks to inexperienced customers, or seeking optimal cost efficiency and productivity from veteran drivers.