Ownership Transition


Diamond Idealease Ownership Transition Program

If you own the Commercial Trucks in your fleet and want to improve your balance sheet as well as your vehicle up-time, Diamond Idealease can offer you an Ownership Transition program.

The Diamond Idealease Ownership Transition program allows you to release the equity and cash that is sitting in your Commercial Truck Fleet while improving your service to customers. A customized ownership buyout offer for your truck includes:


  • A Full-Service Lease with a term that is consistent with your usage and that meets your EBITA or ROA needs
  • A maintenance plan that will improve vehicle up-time
  • A guaranteed rated residual
  • A replacement schedule that will improve driver morale and retention

A typical private fleet in ownership has 20%-30% more vehicles than needed. With a Full Service Lease your vehicles are well maintained allowing you to significantly reduce the number of Commercial Trucks you operate. Cut your operating costs, open cash reserves and keep your service level commitments to the customer with a Full-Service Lease through an Ownership Transition Program from Diamond Idealease.

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